Our location is definitely one of the things we are very proud of about our hostel.

We are so lucky to have a property in the middle of the nature and just a 15/20 minutes walking or 6 min by car to the main squeare of Villa de Leyva (1.2 KM).

How to get from Bogotá

Don’t take any “direct bus to Villa de Leyva” to go by way of “Chiquinquira town”, this bus take 6 hours to get to V. de Leyva.
Ask First! These pass through Samaca or Tunja. Never for Chiquinquira.

The only real direct buses are from the principal bus terminal / module #3, or you can go to Terminal Satelite del Norte (Calle 192 with Autopista Norte).

LIBERTADORES: Every day at 5:00 am & 2:40 pm
VALLE DE TENZA: Every day at  5:00, 6:00 am, 8:40 am, 11:30 am y 2:15 pm

If you don’t take the direct bus from Bogota you need to go to Tunja and then Villa de Leyva. Buses running every 10 minutes and are several bus companies and take around 2 hours and a half.

How to get from Tunja

In the second level of the bus terminal of Tunja mini buses running to Villa de Leyva every 15min and take about 1hour frrom 6am until 6:30pm. So! try to be in Tunja before 6pm.  PRICE 2020: $ 8.000 COP

How to arrive to our Renacer Hostel or Colombian Highlands Office

TAXI: If you have a reservation in our hostel, You have free taxi from the V.Leyva’s bus terminal to the hostel, we discount it from your final bill (maximun $6.000 COP). Say to the taxi driver to bring you to Colombian Highlands or “Hostal Renacer”, On the bus terminal you will find white and yellow taxis.

WALKING: We are 1.2 km from the town, you will take 20 minutes. Take the Taxi that is included or if you decide to exercise with your suitcase we will wait for you with a cold drink of courtesy.

CAR: check our arrival map or use google map. If you need immediate help, call us and we will help you to locate you!  CEL: 311 308 3739

Write or call us to make your reservation through our system in this website in the home “BOOK NOW”.


Mobile. 311 3083739 / 310 5529079
Landline. +57 (8) 7321 862 

1. Bus Terminal 2. Nariño Museum 3. ATMs 4. Police 5. Acuña Museum 6. Town Hall  7.El Carmen Church 8. San Agustin Church 9. School & Park 10. Military Base 11. Hostal RENACER guesthouse & Colombian Highlands Office. 12. Hospital 13. Market 14. Nariño Park 15. Midtown Square

From Bogota, Santa Marta, Bucaramanga, Barichara, San Gil:

You can find buses all the time to Tunja, where you can take a mini-bus to V. Leyva each 15 minutes from 6am until 6:30pm.

Alternative Roads:

Bogota – Zipaquira – Chiquinquira – Sutamarchan – Villa de Leyva (Buses take about 5hours long / Own transport, ok!)
Bogota – Tunja – Arcabuco – Villa de Leyva (Change bus in Arcabuco, be carefull few buses running a day until 5pm. Own transport, ok!) 3hours

From the South of Colombia.

More common & fast roads: Bogota – Tunja – Villa de Leyva (Change bus in Tunja, only until 6:30pm/ Own transport, ok!) 3:30hours
Bogota – Puente de Boyaca – Samaca – Villa de Leyva (Direct Bus Libertadores only two every day / Own transport, ok!) 3hours

From the North of Colombia

More common & fast roads: San Gil – Tunja – Villa de Leyva (Change bus in Tunja, only until 6:30pm / Own transport, ok!)

Alternative Roads:

San Gil – Arcabuco – Villa de Leyva (Change bus in Arcabuco, be carefull because few buses running a day and only until 5pm / Own transport, ok!)
San Gil – Moniquira – Santa Sofia ¬– Villa de Leyva (Only with own transport)

From the Center – Magdalena Valley (North / South)

People who like adventure and amazing landscape traveling in a motorhome, 4×4, motorcycle, mountain bikes, and coming from Medellin, Manizales, or from the north of Colombia. Magadalena River is full of ports and Historical towns like Honda (stay at Casa Belle Epoque). Also very close to Dorada the Hacienda Napoles and Ecological Reserve “Rio Claro” are places to visit. And other option to stay is Cimitarra. Keep in mind that about 20km are without asphalt but from this way there are only a few tolls.


San Alberto – Puerto Parra – Puerto Araujo – Cimitarra – Velez – Moniquira (two options Santa Sofia or Arcabuco) – Villa de Leyva (Own transport, only 4×4).  From Pto Araujo to V.Leyva:  5:30hours


Honda – Dorada – Puerto Araujo – Cimitarra – Velez – Moniquira (two options Santa Sofia or Arcabuco) – Villa de Leyva (Own transport, only 4×4).  From Pto Araujo to V.Leyva: 5:30hours