Our transport services include the departments of Cundinamarca, Boyacá, Santander and Casanare.

We offer private shuttle service to and from the cities of Bogota, Zipaquira, Villa de Leyva, Chiquinquira, Paipa, Iza, Mongui, Sogamoso, Guican, Cocuy, Yopal, Paz de Ariporo, Hato La Aurora, Guadalupe, Socorro, San Gil, Barichara, Bucaramanga, (Airport or Hotel).

Transfers can be direct with no stops or include some stops at tourist sites such as:

Salt Cathedral, Lake of Guatavita, Raquira, Tunja, Bridge of Boyacá, Pantano de Vargas, Paramo de Siscunsi, Iza Hot spring, Waterfall of Candelas, Las Gachas Stream, Parque Gallineral, Guane, Zapatoca, etc.

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